AUTOCAMPING ROZKOŠ- Ubytování Česká Skalice

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Accommodated visitors and one-day visitors of the camping premises can take advantage of the various services offered by us or they can consider the camp as a base for trips to explore the surrounding area. This boasts beautiful countryside as well as educational paths, historical sites such as castles, chateaus and museums – where the life and work of notable figures in this region can also be seen.

The location of our camp means that it is also suitable for trips to Poland thanks to a nearby border checkpoint at Běloves in Náchod.

Most services and facilities within the car-camp together with its attractions are offered for free or they are accessible for a donation entrance fee for one-day visitors; i.e. children’s play area, paddling pool, natural swimming pool and a ranch with Cameroon goats etc.

Other leisure activities are offered by individual businesses for a common entrancefee or a reasonable price. There is a broad range of boarding, refreshments, rental of sports equipment, dock and surf-centres, mini golf and a sauna.

In the evening you can visit the summer cinema at Rozkoš, enjoy pleasant evenings in the restaurant “Na Pláži” or if that does not take your fancy, why not visit a kiosk for some refreshments, visit a disco or listen to country music at the ring.

The discos, which are organized for children, are well known. They take place on the terrace of the restaurant “Na Pláži” for free. A disco for adults also takes place inside the restaurant.

You will also find shops, which supply basic foodstuff and bakeries on the premises of the camp. Or if you prefer, you can do your shopping in the nearby town Česká Skalice. During the day there are a broad range of clothes shops, souvenir stalls, etc.

The premises are also suitable for promotional meetings, with the purpose of advertising and offering multiple products and services. This can usually include a special programme with competitions and events etc. These meetings do not take place regularly and therefore we cannot guarantee you that there will be one during your visit.

In the navigator bar on the left you will find a detailed view of services and offers including basic prices.

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